Training Exercise 2 – USB COPY -Creating Confidence & Connection handling foals and young horses



Creating a connection early with your foal or young horse is essential for developing that important bond of trust and partnership.

This digital training tool covers Adams tips and strategies for handling a young horse early the easy way.

  • Creating a safe environment for handling
  • Mindset of your Mare
  • Applying Pressure
  • Exposure to Stimulus
  • Tools needed

 “The younger the foal is the better chance you have of creating that important bond with them and setting them up for their lifelong learning journey”

Foals are just like all other horses the initial imprint you make on them can set them up for life. A young horse learns so quickly from us, the earlier on you get your hands on a baby the quicker they will learn to be soft,& relaxed with their human and have that great partnership. Foals can be taught to be respectful & give to pressure from an early age. They are a blank canvas enjoy this stage.


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