Agspand’s FeedChar

Agspand’s Feedchar™

A charcoal-based dietary feed supplement for animals

Agspand Pty Ltd’s Feedchar™ is a quality Australian charcoal-based dietary feed supplement for animals that might assist with digestive discomfort and stress from ingesting high nitrates and mycotoxins that commonly appear on and in grasses and feeds.

At certain times of the year, particularly from spring through to autumn, high nitrate levels and endophytes or fungi containing mycotoxins commonly appear on and in grasses. These can also linger for a number of years in hay and grain-based feeds harvested off high-nitrate and high-endophyte plants.

Mycotoxins are found in endophytic fungi, which live in the plants, as well as saprophytic fungi, living on the plants. Endophytes are a plant’s means of self-protection against insect attack or animal overgrazing. Concentrations of endophytic fungi appear on the head of the plant when it is stressed from lack of moisture, or when the soil nitrogen is high.

Endophytes typically occur in phalaris, tall fescue grasses and perennial ryegrass. The shoots and flowers of endophyte-affected ryegrass in particular contain high levels of the Lolitrem B mycotoxin. Horse paddocks can be covered in these plants because often they have been overgrazed for years and receive little attention. In their battle for survival the remaining plants’ defence is to contain high levels of endophytes at the base-sheath of the plant (early spring and autumn), and also in the seed-heads in summer.

Mycotoxins are compounds in the fungi that interfere with an animal’s digestive wellbeing. They can affect an animal’s nervous system and make them agitated, flighty, and sensitive around the abdomen. In severe cases, mycotoxicity can contribute towards laminitis and reproductive disorders.

Ruminant animals such as cattle and sheep experiencing plant toxicity show signs of ill-thrift and scouring. This affects their weight gain and creates stress for the animals, with the possible knock-on effects of dark-cutting meat and poor growth rates.

When added as a feed supplement, Agspand’s Feedchar™ might assist animals with plant toxins and pathogens. Animals may show less physical discomfort and stress from plant toxicity. We have collated some testimonials from clients who have used this product after receiving it at our clinics.. Have a read and see their thoughts and the improvement’s in their animals’ behaviour after two weeks, and a general improvement in condition such a short time frame.

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Clients testimonials:

  • Melanie Gibson – Hope you are well. Just wanted to send you some pics of Blaze after 9 days on Feedchar. Definitely have noticed a different in his coat as well as his overall temperament. However, as I mentioned at the clinic has had a lot of gut health stuff going on and lost a whole heap of condition. In the last 9 days, he has definitely put on condition (although still has a long way to go) and is getting back to his normal inquisitive self. Thanks so much for the sample! ☺️☺️
  • Deb Kelley – Waler Breeder
  • Rochelle (Berry)

To Adam and Mel, I recently attended your clinic in berry I had the aggressive gelding ‘bug’ I received the clinic pack 10day trial “Feedchar” and since then and working with him I have noticed a big difference. Thanks to Adam for instilling my confidence and giving me the tools to move forward with this rather challenging horse. I have noticed the following changes with Bug : Taken the aggressive edge off. For example, he has always been SUPER aggressive with me and other horses at feed time. He charges at you if you go near his food and turns on you. I can actually pat him on his face now and his mate in the paddock can stand near him. Still puts his ears back, but HUGE improvement. I could never adjust his rug without him trying to bite my head off. Now though, it doesn’t seem to bother him too much. He just lets me do it (Adam John Sutton training is most likely the main contributor to this). I feed the horses on the quad bike. All the others just stand there, but Bug always ran for the hills in a rather dramatic fashion. Now he flinches and gives me and the bike a ‘look’, but doesn’t run. His coat is really smooth and shiny. Quite surprised at this change in such a short period of time. He is looking a million bucks . Generally all round improvement with ground work and riding. He is more willing and accepting. Adams training has a lot to do with it, but the feedchar has taken a very big edge off. He has a calmer demeanour. I ordered a big bag of feedchar after the clinic, so I have tried it on my other 3 horses. And.. My daughter’s mini suffers from an itch and she is showing improvement. I have tried so many things to fix this, but nothing has worked. On the feedchar she is scratching a whole lot less. Her coat is also looking better.

  • Marie Crumpton It is amazing product I too highly recommend it really helped my foundered pony

  • Carol Ann D’Silva This is a truely amazing product highly recommend Thanks Adam for recommending Feedchar for our horses in particular Rain & Jet they are thriving since we started giving it to them. Can highly recommend this product so impressed with results we are putting our race horses on it. Dior & Hugo thank you too looking forward to the future with them. Special Hi from Dior
“The chosen one” Adam started this exciting young racehorse in 2018 and now he is heading up to QLD to commence his race career. Still on feed char.

We are stockists for Agspand’s Feedchar, we stock 500ml pouches, 2 litre & 5 litre, 10 litre by order. Phone Mel for a quote. We carry this stock with us at clinics

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