It is common for RSPCA to take into custody unbroken horses. Adam has worked extensively with these horses. I have seen him take very head strong horses and within a short period of time have them responding positively. Adams methods are patient and gentle yet firm and appropriate. He is personable and genuine with excellent horse skills.

Leonie Gorman State operations manager RSPCA


 Adams knowledge of the horse and his ability to better educate the young horse in a kind and willing way reflect the greater success I am experiencing with my horses. His passion for horses and ability to train both people and horses alike have led him to be well known in the district as a gentleman.

PJ Eggleston Valance Lodge


Adam has a pleasant nature and is good to get along with. He has a good knowledge of rein and leg and from talking with his clients does a good job starting young horses under saddle.

Steve Brady


I met Adam in the late 90’s when he was recommended to me by a neighbour as an up and coming young horse trainer.
Well look how far he has up and come!
We breed Waler horses and over the years I have sent about 9 or 10 horses to him for work on various things from foal handling, starting and further education. I can’t recommend him highly enough as a trainer and genuinely good bloke to be around and learn from.

Deborah Kelly
Wiradjuri Walers

I have known Adam Sutton for over six years. Since meeting Adam and
watching, listening and learning from him
I have learnt so much that sometimes my brain hurts. Adam is a wealth of
knowledge and is always trying alternate methods to suit the individual
Over the years I have been associated with a number of trainers and
breakers but none have the insight that Adam has..
Adam listens to the horse and understands their needs, he doesn’t make a
horse follow a strict regime, every one is different, tailored to the
horse, uniquely Adams way.
Unlike many horse people, where its all about “them” Adam is about the
horse, doesn’t matter how untidy it may look.
In my opinion Adam is undoubtedly the best horseman I have met and he
will always be the one I turn to for all my horses needs.
Adam starts all our youngsters and does a fabulous job. I highly
recommend Adam to each and every person looking to have their horse
started, trained or re-educated.
I am honoured to be associated with Adam and very humbled to be able to
call him my friend.

Elise Pettitt
Oakleigh Paint Horse Stud