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Agspand’s Feedchar™
A charcoal-based dietary feed supplement for animals
Agspand Pty Ltd’s Feedchar™ is a quality Australian charcoal-based dietary feed supplement for animals that might assist with digestive discomfort and stress from ingesting high nitrates and mycotoxins that commonly appear on and in grasses and feeds.
At certain times of the year, particularly from spring through to autumn, high nitrate levels and endophytes or fungi containing mycotoxins commonly appear on and in grasses. These can also linger for a number of years in hay and grain-based feeds harvested off high-nitrate and high-endophyte plants.
Mycotoxins are found in endophytic fungi, which live in the plants, as well as saprophytic fungi, living on the plants. Endophytes are a plant’s means of self-protection against insect attack or animal overgrazing. Concentrations of endophytic fungi appear on the head of the plant when it is stressed from lack of moisture, or when the soil nitrogen is high.
Endophytes typically occur in phalaris, tall fescue grasses and perennial ryegrass. The shoots and flowers of endophyte-affected ryegrass in particular contain high levels of the Lolitrem B mycotoxin. Horse paddocks can be covered in these plants because often they have been overgrazed for years and receive little attention. In their battle for survival the remaining plants’ defence is to contain high levels of endophytes at the base-sheath of the plant (early spring and autumn), and also in the seed-heads in summer.
Mycotoxins are compounds in the fungi that interfere with an animal’s digestive wellbeing. They can affect an animal’s nervous system and make them agitated, flighty, and sensitive around the abdomen. In severe cases, mycotoxicity can contribute towards laminitis and reproductive disorders.
Ruminant animals such as cattle and sheep experiencing plant toxicity show signs of ill-thrift and scouring. This affects their weight gain and creates stress for the animals, with the possible knock-on effects of dark-cutting meat and poor growth rates

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