Race Horse Starting & Pre-training

Adam has many years experience starting horses for the racing industry.

He has a genuine interest and passion in horse racing and prepares some of the best bloodstock in the country for numerous clients.

Adam rode track work for three years and has been involved in training thoroughbreds for over 18 years.

He has gained respected in the industry over this time.

We give an honest appraisal of each horse’s disposition.

Horses receive individual attention according to their needs, and we strive to learn the nature of the individual horse to give it the confidence to be forward thinking and bring the best out in each individual animal.

After extensive groundwork, and a few initial rides, the horses are ridden in jockey pads.

Once the horse is feeling confident, forward thinking and relaxed at speed we commence barrier training on site.

We like to see our horses approach, load and jump from the barriers with no hesitation.

We believe incorporation of barrier training to be an integral part of your thoroughbreds journey to the winning post.

We strive to give these athletic talents the ability to develop both mentally and physically to their full potential both physically and mentally.

We commence working horses in company early on so they gain confidence and get used to being both behind and in front of other horses during barrier training and whilst out.

Our thoroughbreds also enjoy time out on the trails, where they gain confidence in their rider and exposure to different terrains and conditions.

Our experienced, confident staff allow horses to travel freely, whilst ensuring they remain soft, supple, confident and safe.

Our brand new all weather facilities ensure your horses stay safe with us and remain in work through all weather conditions, maximising their stay.

Some horses may require a short spell in the training process and have the option of remaining with us during this time.

We have a focus on the physical needs of the racehorse and bring in expert farriers, chiropractors and veterinary expertise where needed.

Our horses are given a nutritious diet and we like them to remain in top condition knowing the next phase of their career is the track.
We are currently in the process of building a 1200 meter sand track on the property and look forward to its completion in the near future.

Please see our horse starting section for more information.


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